Sept 16 Late Night

Cameron & Jared have returned as Zombies
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Sept 16 Late Night

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Today was really simple: Cam the angry man got to play veto. That's how my day started. Then we all wondered for hours and hours whether he would win. Again. Luckily he didn't, setting up his own eviction perfectly. Jag will pull either Cory or America off the block on Monday, because he won the veto. Then JarJar Fields will put up a replacement nominee, which should be Cam, and then next Thursday Cam will go home. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

But nothing about this season is simple. Like when Cirie started whining, yes whining about not wanting to be on the show any more and how she hopes little baby JarJar wins instead of her. Now at first glance, that seems fairly simple and logical. Cirie is part of one of the worst casts ever assembled to play this game. Really bad. So maybe she just wants to haul ass. I would.

But Cirie is also part of a genetic cluster that stems from a guy named Machiavelli. Maybe she was thinking that if she gets put on the block, nobody will vote her out and she can force everyone to evict Cory or America, whoever Jag leaves after he uses his veto.

But that's not going to work this time. Everyone except Jared & Felicia wants to evict Cirie. That's not gonna change no matter how sneaky and trick Cirie is in the coming week. This week Jag's going to use the veto on someone and Cameron will go. After that, Jared & Cirie are super screwed. Even Blue, Jared's hookup girl in what really isn't a showmance, is going to put him on the block and work hard to get him evicted, and soon.

What's really sad about this season is there are still Izzy fans watching the feeds and moaning on social media about how much it sucks that Izzy is gone. All she ever did was brown-nose Cirie and whine, and she's the second biggest star on Big Brother 25.