Nov 7 Morning

BB26 Premieres July 17th
Stay tuned for more details
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Nov 7 Morning

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Is it over yet?


While I would like to have done more and done it better from the start, I'm happy with how the new web site is working. Now we have a format that covers all the bases and makes it fairly simple to follow the daily ebb and flow of the BB game and our lives.

Both Finley and I metaphorically hit the wall with health issues this year. We would like to have done more and be more present, but what you have experienced is all that we could give this season. It's easy to blame production for a lot of game and casting failures on BB25, they made the competitions too physical and half the cast were weak players. Better luck next season!

We will be back with this refined format for the next season, whenever it starts. I hope they wait until after the Super Bowl, but their advance promotion hints that they won't. Personally, I won't have much free time until after New Year, but I will open this board whenever they turn on the feeds.

Who or what am I rooting for on the finale? I hope the set for the final competition falls apart about halfway through the comp. Just totally collapses. That would give me a great laugh!

IDC who wins and IDC who loses and IDC who gets the most bot votes for America's Favorite 🤣

Enjoy the ride!